When you go on a journey, you encounter strange happenings or you may have a terrible experience.
You may hear a strange story or listen to a scary story during a journey, don’t you?
This is also one of the funs of journey.

For God's sake! Please stop! For the people who don’t like this kind of story, it must be an absolutely loathe story.
However, for people who like scary stories and mysterious stories, GHOST STORY can be said to be the best dish.
Such a strange and mysterious story seems to be the motive for the journey for those who like them in some cases, including fear, monstrosity, psychic, spirit, punishment, curse, cryptid, UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) and UFOs.

が、「冗談じゃない! やめてくれ!」…嫌いな人にはたまらなく嫌な話でしょう。
ところが、好き者にとってはたまらないご馳走とも言えるのがGHOST STORYではないでしょうか。

GHOST STORY also exists on this island.
That is, there is a possibility that GHOST exists.
So I will tell you in advance, from here on, please continue to read only those who like scary stories and strange stories very much.
People who are afraid, weak or dislike, please jump and go to the next content.

I am in trouble if you think that you do not want to go to Isle of Man due to this story. When that happens, I will be scolded by the people of the island and the officials who promote tourism.

However, people who want to go to Isle of Man but do not like these story and don’t want to absolutely feel scary, do not stay at accommodation in Douglas, Peel, and Castletown during your stay in Isle of Man.
If you avoid staying in these towns, you will not hear these stories, such as fear, monstrosity, psychic, spirit, punishment, curse, cryptid, UMA(Unidentified Mysterious Animal ) and UFOs.
And, if you stay in a town other than these three places, you will not be disturbed your peace of mind.

However, those who like such scary and mysterious stories very much, please stay in Douglas, Peel, and Castletown by all means.
May be able to entertain you or experience like thrusting down to the bottom of fear(lol).

ここマン島にもGHOST STORYは存在します。




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