There is a lot of ghost stories on Isle of Man.
However, ghosts do not appear on the entire island.

The reason is not certain but ghosts seem to live in three places: Douglas, Peel, and Castle Town.
There are many ghosts in Isle of Man with an old history, but there seems to be NEW WAVE story of ghosts as well.

There are various scary stories and mysterious stories from the oldest existence to the existence belonging to the castle from the pre-birth of the castle of each place.
Although can include ghost stories in the field of Supernatural, I will intentionally introduce it as GOAST STORY here this content.
The reason is that there is a fairy here (66 FAIRY BRIDGE).
There are stories that can be said to be supernatural phenomena.
And there are ghost stories.
So, I'm not going to put together a fantasy story, a strange story, or a ghost story, but to introduce each one separately.

Even if say a ghost in one word, there is a wide range of some Story from long time ago existence in Isle of Man to things that can be called new existence.
Regardless of whether it is true or not, the old existents often have various reasons and historical backgrounds talking about their existence.

幽霊の話をスーパーナチュナルの分野に含むこともできますが、ここでは敢えてGOAST STORYとして紹介させていただこうと思います。

その理由は、ここには妖精も存在する(66 FAIRY BRIDGE)と言われていますし、その他にも超自然現象といえる話や現象も確認されているので、怪奇奇譚の類の話をひと括りにはせずそれぞれを紹介しようという趣向です。



But, the latest GOAST STORY gives great fear because it does not know the reason for its existence and the historical background.
To give fear is a new wave.

The fact that knowing the reason and the history means that there is a sense of security in a sense, but not knowing anything is a matter of anxiety.
The fact that it is an incident, accident, the fact that the background and details are unknown is the cause of anxiety.

Nothing ever happened.
One day, one day it suddenly begins the beginning of time.
Why? What’s reasons?
But we do not know anything I want to know.
What we know is the fact that there are new threats that have never existed, or novel fears have emerged. That alone is obvious.

And many people and that tourist who visit here are more likely to encounter this fear.
Here I would like to introduce the latest GOAST STORY, a case where it is also called NEW WAVE, from the viewpoint that the possibility that a traveler is likely to encounter fear is high.

しかし最新のGOAST STORYは、その存在理由や歴史的背景がわからないために大きな恐怖を与えます。


何故? 理由は?



ここでは旅人が恐怖に遭遇する可能性が高いという視点から、最新のGOAST STORY、それもNEW WAVEと言える事例を紹介したいと思います。

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