? 100-3 PROLOGUE

The bus is used by islanders and tourists as a means of transportation on this island.
A bus of Silva written as Bus Vanin is used for Mercedes or Volvo's new vehicle and it is cleaned cleanly so you can move comfortably.

There are times when you need to transfer and there are cases where it is not easy depending on where you are going because there are multiple routes.
However, you can move without feeling inconveniences in particular, tourist can travel on the island comfortably and happily if you use the train together after checking the timetable.

Bus Vaninと書かれたシルバーのバスはメルセデスやボルボの新しい車両が使用され、綺麗に清掃されているので快適な移動ができます。

It is fun to travel while enjoying the scenery of the island and the taste of the town regardless of the time of day.
It is comfortable to move while dozing while traveling.
However, there is no doubt that it is always necessary to take measures against cold.
Because the sensible temperature varies depending on the person, when a person who feels hot is opening the window, the inside of the car may become extremely cold.

A cold measure is a very important point because it is painful for a pleasant and comfortable journey to change to a painful patience time due to cold.
But, whatever you take measures against cold, coldness that cannot be avoided may attack you in the bus.

Extremely rare case? It can be said that the kind of coldness can be said as "coldness of the spine frozen!"
Because the "coldness of the spine frozen!" is limited to the night at the possibility of attacking you in the bus, cold weather from daytime through evening can be well overcome by cold measures.

Isle of Man is day time long and the brightness can be called evening from 22 to 23 o'clock depending on the season.
Therefore, it cannot be said from to "coldness of the spine frozen!" time zone that there is a possibility that the coldness that freezes the spine may hit you .
Also, it cannot be said that there is a possibility that the "coldness of the spine frozen!" in any season will attack you.

There are at least three conditions under which the coldness that "coldness of the spine frozen!" attacks you in the case.
The first is that the surroundings are obviously the darkness that can be called night.
The second is that you are the only passenger.
The third thing is to pay attention to the monitor screen.



極めて稀? なケースと言えますが、その寒さの種類は「背筋が凍る!」という寒さだと言えるでしょう。



On the bus in the Isle of Man, a monitor screen is always set up (except small buses), and the situation of the passengers and seats inside the bus are monitored.
This is a system that is highly useful in terms of safe operation, crime prevention, and emergency situations (passenger diseases, etc.).
But this useful system was also a system is that let you experience fear as much as "coldness of the spine frozen!" you can.

One night, A night service bus was driving a quiet town area with a driver and a male passenger on board.

The introduction became long, but I will tell you what happened in that night.




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