The Manx language disappeared with the flow of the times, however, after then the era has come that Manx language is promoted and people recommended "it should be reconstructed!"

With this reconstruction effort, a lot of change has been born. Not only in the government but also in the private sector, the expression of the Manx language is increasing.

It was recovered up to 2% (1,800) people who use Manx language against the population of 88,000 in 2015.
This is a proof that Manx language is recovering at a great speed.

But, in 2009 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s “World Crisis Language Map” declared that Manx language is an extinct language, despite having hundreds of Manx native speaker in Isle of Man.

After that, UNESCO changed the classification to “critically endangered” from the fact that there are hundreds of Manx language speakers.
It will eventually overcome a serious crisis.

時代の流れとともにマン島語が廃滅しましたが、その後、マン島語の復興が推進される、推進するべきだ! という時代が到来しました。


しかし、2009年に国連教育科学文化機関の世界危機言語地図は、マン島に数百人のマン島語話者がいるにもかかわらずマン島語を消滅言語 (extinct language) と宣言ました。
その後、ユネスコはマン島語話者が数百人存在する事実から分類を「深刻な危機 critically endangered」に変更したそうです。

The familiarity, recognition or interest in Manx language will be different depending on the age group, but it is certain that the Isle of Man now recovers from the social conditions such as 30 years ago when many people could not understand the Manx language at all.

There is no doubt that the Manx language is steadily expanding power.
In addition, by continuing this attempt, eventually the English that is currently TRADITIONAL will decline, and the Manx language may become normalized as NEW TRADITIONAL.


加えて、この試みを継続することで、やがて現在TRADITIONALである英語が衰退し、マン島語がNEW TRADITIONALとして常態化する可能性もあります。

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