It is believed that there is Fairy on Isle of Man.
Of course some people do not believe it at all, but quite a lot of people believe it.
There is a bridge named “FAIRY BRIDGE” in the middle of the main road connecting Castletown and Douglas, Fairy is living there.
Whenever you pass there you must greet Fairy.
If you do not give a greeting, there is a legend that you will be bad luck, and when you pass through there, there is one word announcement “Say, Hello Fairies” in the bus.

仮に挨拶をしなかったら不運に見舞われるという言い伝えがあり、そこを通過する時にはバスの車内に「Say, "Hello to Fairies"(妖精たちに挨拶を)」と一言アナウンスが流れます。

Does everyone on the Isle of Man believe Fairy?
Does everyone greet the fairy properly?
How does Fairy’s legend originate in the first place?
For travelers who visit here from other places, it is a place that is aroused by curiosity, a legend.
However, for the inhabitants of this Isle of Man and fairy is not symmetry of curiosity, but rather it seems to be a kind of symmetry of faith.

If you take a bus that runs between Douglas−Port Ellyn or Douglas−Port Saint Mary, you will definitely go through the FAIRY BRIDGE.
A greeting to the fairy is like a superstition, and each one who believes or does not believe is a person.
However, when the bus goes through there, "Say Hello Fairy’s” announcement flows, I guess the driver of the bus believes in Fairy.
If the driver does not believe, the announcement of "Say Hello Fairy's” will not flow when passing by here in the case.



Anyway, many tourists coming to Isle of Man will visit this place with an interest in Fairyland.
The motorcycle riders which came to watch the race will also fill this place every day.
Do you believe? Do not you believe it?
It depends on you, but if you come to this island, go to FAIRY BRIDGE will be worth seeing.

信じるか? 信じないか?

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