When we decide to go on a journey, and until departure, to learn to make our journey more effective also can be considered part of the pleasure of journey.
By reading books, watching movies and listening to music according to the destination of journey, we become more and more interested in the scene and culture of the destination. Is not it a journey method?

As we decided to feature James Bond on this journey, I naturally intended to try reading the novel and watching DVD of Bond movie.
But good luck came in!
I had the opportunity to appreciate Cine-Orch (Cinema-Orchestra) before departure. In addition, as the program is “007 CASINO ROYALE”, it should say it is overperfect chance with fortuitous timing.


それも007 カジノ・ロワイヤルとくれば、偶然にしても完璧過ぎるタイミングと思えてしまいます。

The Cinema orchestra is a very gorgeous and wonderful event that makes all the music used in the movie a live performance of the orchestra.
It can be said that theme music and songs that are impressive and cannot be forgotten by everyone are feature in the movie 007 series.
However, the numbers of inserted music are also characteristic and beautiful. They set the mood for the scene of 007 movies.

I can enjoy this music with live performance by Tokyo Philharmonic orchestra.
It is a very luxurious God-given opportunity, I head to the venue with great expectations in mind.
If you are blessed with such opportunities, there is no doubt that everyone feels I could get off to an excellent start of journey.

映画007シリーズでは、印象的で誰もが忘れることの出来ないテーマ音楽と主題歌を一番に上げることができると思います。 しかし、挿入されている数々の音楽も特徴的で美しい曲が映画のシーンをより一層盛り上げていると思います。


ホームへ戻る ページのトップへ戻る