This race is loved by enthusiasts of the world classics motorcycle racing and it is one of the races and events attracting the most attention in the world. In a sense, it is also a race where you can catch a glimpse of the long history of TT.

Racing sound, scent of racing and Castrol, the essence and esprit which cannot be felt from the modern racing machine are very attractive.



A wonderful classic racer gathers from EU countries and will play a dead heat on this course. However, aside from that seriousness, it is very friendly and it is also a race where you feel strongly about the attitude of caring for others.

Why do many people feel so?

That is because it is expressed everywhere that the organizer and the participants understand the pleasure of racing in a public road course surrounded by Stone Fences as well as the dangers that exist at the same time.




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Riders running this race are definitely brave. And the mechanics and the staff who support it are also brave.

However, the steering committee member and the marshal Stuff of this race are definitely brave

Even if the position is different, the relationship of trust born because participants and operators can understand each other deeply can be said to be the foundation of this race.

And the biggest reason why this race has been going on for many years is that the participants, audiences, and operators are deep affection for classical racers.





I think that this is sufficient for explanation from my position and perspective that I know this race for many years.

Because we need various stories about various functions and detailed performance etc. if we try to explain further.

But, they are not necessary elements at this point.

I think that it is unnecessary to talk about professional functions and performance to explain the appeal of this race.

In order to tell the reader the charm of this race, I think that it is more effective to talk from people's point of view who did not know classic race or public road race, and I can also sympathize with them.

Therefore, I think that I want to have a baton touch with the following story.

As I saw without specialist talks on classical racers, I think that it is even more expressive to tell the facts as experienced from the traveler's point of view as it is experienced.

First of all please read this continuation. And then, if you are deeply interested in this race or classic racer, and if you want to see this race by all means, so if you want to participate in this race, those apply to these will go on to a more professional story .







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From here, each tourist, cameraman, editor and managing side of this race tell the story from their point of view.


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