If you journey to Isle of Man, you think that it would be natural to want to motorcycle riding to TT-Course.
And if it's a motor cyclist, you will be wanted to run too much.
People who are not currently riding motorcycles, people who used to be motor cyclists once again think you that they would like to ride a motorcycle again.
No, I think people who cannot ride motorcycles, even those who have not experienced until now, would want to run TT-Course.
People who like long touring, and those who can afford time and money, rent a favorite motorcycle at LONDON and run to Liverpool or Heysham, then ride a ferry from there to taste the mood of British tourists and European tourists, it is also good go to enter the Isle of Man.
It will definitely be a nice trip.
But, not everyone can afford both time and money.
Alas it is a reality.


But you do not need to be sad.
There is a motorcycle hire on Isle of Man.
By country will not hear the word hire.
In Japan, many people imagine car rental with a driver if you say hire.
On Isle of Man, it means hire = rental car / rental motorcycle.
Either way, if you visit Isle of Man as a general tourist from Japan, and you want to ride a motorcycle, you need to choose either.
Anyway, if you journey to the Isle of Man, things will no doubt want to run TT-Course.


TT-Course of the world’s oldest and the world longest is said to be the most dangerous course in the world, but it is also the best place to relax and touring.
It is very dangerous if you always run the whole TT-Course at racing speed.
But as long as you run anywhere in the world, if you run at the racing speed all the time, the conditions remain dangerous wherever you go.
Regarding the danger,it is a problem which is greatly influenced by the rider; it is a mistake to declare that it is a course problem.
The road of Isle of Man is not restricted to TT-Course, and strict speed limitation is done on all roads.
However, the specified speed range is not narrow.

The residential area is regulated to 30 miles or less, the high risk area is 40 miles or less, and the suburban area is 50 miles.
However, there are no restrictions on residences and public facilities in other areas, regulations on sections where there is no assumption that people are……?
I will not tell you now.
If you want to know, go to Isle of Man actually and check with your own eyes.



Although the story returns, if you like to journey to Isle of Man, you will not be satisfied that you will not run TT-Course if you like motorcycle, I think that it is undeniable that things will not be convincing.
So, if you run to TT-Course, please run with some beliefs at that time.
"If you riding on the TT-Course, you do not riding alone".
In the unlikely event, it is ideal to run with three or more riders in preparation for unforeseen circumstances such as accidents.
These two are the minimum mind to not disturb others.
And please be sure to run at least three laps at least.


The reason for 3 laps is that the shortest number of laps in the race to be held at TT-Course is 3 laps.
One lap 60.7 km Height difference 400 m It is one standard that traveling distance is 180 km or more by making three rounds of the world's longest course.
Also, it is TT-Course that you do not understand anything by just 1lap.
Therefore, even if the speed is different from the race, it can be said that we have taken the first step of TT-Course by clearing one standard of 3 laps.
However, you cannot say that you have run TT-Course unless keep going 3 laps in a row.
So, it is the reality that few people have experienced.

In addition, the number of the machine number of the great champion Joey Dunlop, honored as the King of the Road, is 3.
For that reason as well, TT-Course if you go to, I'd like you to try it with the settings that stick to 3 by all means.



Every time you do a lap, things you feel and things you see will change a lot.
However, please pay attention to safety measures firmly.


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