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Adrian Kershaw is a motorcycle racing rider who lives in Stockport near Manchester, England.
He is a Newcomer winner of Manx Grand Prix in 2009 and also a champion of Southern 100 in 2018(Moto 3 & 400-125cc class) in Isle of Man.

Some people who can't understand well even if it is said that Manx Grand Prix Newcomer Winner and Champion of the Southern100 in the Isle of Man, please check the "GOD SPEED 45 Pre-TT Classic"

He was born in Stockport, UK in 1978, and debuted as a racing rider in Darley moor in 1995.
The first racer was a Yamaha RD125 LC.

With the Wirral 100 racing club in the UK, he built up his racing career with the Anglesey circuit and Oulton park as the main race field.
In 1998, the third year of the racing career, he won for the first time with the Honda CB500 at Mallory Park in the UK.

In 2009, he got a TT Mountain course license and started a challenge with the Isle of Man TT course.
In the UK, we must have a circuit license and at least 5 years of experience to get a road race license.
(It was not like this rule in the past, but now it was changed for improving safety.)
In 2009, he participated in the Manx Grand Prix 400cc Newcomer class (ZXR 400) and became the fastest rider among the first participants.

Compared to riders from the Isle of Man, riders from other places can never say that they are advantageous in terms of understanding and familiarity with the TT course, but Adrian achieved a win under unfavorable circumstances.
Many TT riders and legend riders say that winning a newcomer is a victory of sense and talent.
Basically, it is extremely difficult to win the first TT course unless we have a high level of eyes and technique and can maintain a calm and stable spirit.
Those who can achieve it are undoubtedly talented riders, and they cannot win the first challenge unless they have both persistence and agility, legend riders said.

Even Adrian who received such a reputation from legend riders was not easy to win at Southern100. Even in the same public road race, there is a big difference between a time trial race that runs one by one and a mass start race in which everyone starts together.

In 2018, the fourth year since the first entry in Southern100 in 2014, Adrian finally achieve double win in the Southern100 125-400㏄class and Moto3 class.

His first visit to Japan was in April 15th, 2019.

Adrian made a roll of instructor of “PRE-TT CLASSIC / SOUTHERN 100 RIDING EVENT” which was held in collaboration with Southern100, CSA, TRUMPH JAPAN, TRUMPH TOKYO, Welcome Riders Ogano, and Ogano Town, he teached about safety ensuring and riding skills on public roads.
And Adrian spent a busy week as a goodwill ambassador for Southern100 / Pre-TT Classic.

From here, we would like to introduce his busy one week, in “FAR EAST RESERCH”.

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